Pringo P231

Pringo, Wireless portable photo printer, allows photos print out from the smartphones. Features include dye-sub technology and Wireless transfer, it is faster, safer, and more convenient. Along with metallic printing, custom stamps, UV resistance, fingerprint proof, Pringo let you preserve touching moments in life easily.

Wireless portable photo printer is faster, safer,and more suitable for photo transfer

Unlike products of other brands that use Bluetooth, Pringo adopts the Wireless technology that is faster, safer, and more suitable for image transfering. No matter where our users are, it enables them to transfer photos from smartphones to Pringo conveniently and quickly and print them out on the go.

Compatible with three of the most commonly used smartphone systems

Allowing most smartphones to connect with Pringo and enjoy capturing every unforgivable moments.

Unique high-tech metallic photo frames and decorative functions

Besides decorating your photos with Pring App’s stamps, you can also enjoy Pringo’s unique metallic frames to enhance your photo quality. Each print out contains a glossy coating that allows the photo to stay colorful and high-quality.

High quality photo with fade-proof and fingerprint -proof

Special technology is used to improve the picture quality of each photo, along with fade-proof and fingerprint-proof to preserve your perfect memories.

Economical consumables

With integrated enterprise resources, we provide a more economical consumables solutions for consumers to enjoy a better imaging life.

Eco-friendly dye-sub printing technology

In order to fulfill social responsibility, Pringo adopts the eco-friendly and toxin-free dye-sub printing technology to play its part for citizens’ health and environmental protection.

Leading mobile image entertainment trends

By developing convenient, high-quality, and economical mobile image entertainment product, Pringo continues to provide comprehensive and innovative imaging entertainment solutions. Teaming up with other imaging products from HiTi Digital, cloud computing, and internet resources, Pringo has made imaging entertainment more diverse and fun.