Expand Business with Versatility

New compact photo printer

HiTi Photo Printer P525L, compact size WxH at 12.8x14” and weighing 39 pounds, is ideal for Photo Booth application and on-location event photography, such as those famous scenes spots, CVS, theme park.

With front-loading interface, it is flexibly to locate the printer at places with no back space needed.

Expand Business with Versatility

Same as other photo printers of HiTi, P525L is a PC link model which integrated with a mono-LCD and five hard-keys to monitor the status of printer, of course, users are also able to check the printer status by downloading compatible software of HiTi.

P525L applies with 300 dpi high printing resolution, and the compatible software carries varies elements of photofinishing needs, such as ID/Passport photo, events, instant photos and so on.

No extra cost to invest but a free and thoroughly software to users, P525L is definitely an economical photo printer with high performance never revealed in the market.

Perfect for on-site photobooth & event photography

Perfect for On-Site PhotoBooth & Event Photography The P525L are portable and can be setup almost anywhere. Whether it is your birthday party, wedding, or corporate event, family and school reunions, we are committed to providing exceptional service and quality.

Provide Multiple Print Sizes

Printable Size Corresponding
Print Kit
1.33x6" (34x152 mm), 2x6" (51x152 mm), 4x6" (102x152 mm) 4x6"(102x152 mm)
Print Kit
3.5x5" (89x127 mm), 5x5" (127x127 mm), 5x7" (127x178 mm) 5x7" (127x178 mm)
Print Kit
4x6" (102x152 mm), 5x6" (127x152 mm), 6x6" (152x152 mm), 6x8" (152x203 mm) 6x8" (152x203 mm)
Print Kit
1.33x3" (34x76 mm), 2x3" (51x76 mm), 3x4" (76x102 mm) 4x6" (102x152 mm)
Perforated Print Kit
3x4" (76x102 mm), 3x5" (76x127 mm),
3x6" (76x152 mm), 3x8" (76x203 mm)
6x8" (152x203 mm)
Perforated Print Kit

Multi-language display

Better and user friendly multi language support
(EN, ES, PT, SC, TC).
HiTi P525l Multi-language display

Field upgradable for wireless printing

Field Upgradeable for Wireless Printing (WiFi dongle Plug-and-Play) provides the most convenient printing method for users. Users can easily enjoy shoot-to-print operation wirelessly.


Stable, reliable, and hassle-free operation

By straightforward instruction, getting HiTi P525L ready is not laborious any more. P525L makes that possible with features that ensure convenient, fantastic operating experience is a professional quality printer you've been dreaming about.