HC10 Universal Printer Controller


Simple, Versatile, Brilliant



Simple Plug and Play

HiTi's new HC10 Universal Printer Controller connects directly with your HiTi P310W, P322W, P525L or P750L. Using its proprietary cable with in-built USB reader, the HC10 allows you to operate your printer without connecting to a computer.


Built-in Multi-purpose Photo Editing Suite

HC10 comes with a fully featured photo editing suite, including functions for photo printing, ID photos, collages and frames.


Photo mode

Batch editing tools allow for quick adjustment of color, contrast, brightness, filters, cropping, rotation and more.


ID mode

Built-in tools create professional quality ID photos to meet many national formats and requirements.


Collage/Frame modes

Various purpose-designed collage and frame templates, for instant style.

Easy to Install, Instant Print Solution

The HC10 is simple to setup, with no configuration required. Satisfy your customers need to instant photos and create a professional photo printing service anywhere, for anything from ID photos to events with one machine.


Note: The HC10 requires connection with a P310W, P322W, P525L or P750L printer for power

Supports Multiple Language Display

The HC10 comes with a simple, intuitive UI, supporting English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

Tiny Investment, Big Business

HiTi offers three different models of photo printer for every size and function requirement, supporting prints from 6x2” to 6x8”. Commercial users can build the most suitable printing setup based on the venue; simple and versatile.


Compatible models: P310W, P322W, P525L, P750L