Libra 220


Powerful Profit-Generating Kiosk Solution

Incredible and easy photo printing at your fingertips

Embedded HiTi Lab software can turn your photos into a stunning work of art with powerful editing features
(anti-red-eye, modify the picture size, add text, etc) in an easy-to-use interface. It can help you relive treasured moments in the form of premium images on ID photo, 4 X6 life photo, frame photo, personalized calendar and panorama by the state-of-the-art technology either through the interface like USB/ESTA or wireless mode to access Facebook/Instagram/Likoda APP.

Unparalleled multi-connectivity

With the Intel® processor and rapid storage, Libra 220 allows you to quickly complete self-printing tasks simplying your life with elegance. All the system accessories are installed in the lower base, equipped with numerous ports to easily connect to various types of SD/CF/MS memory card modes. Additionally, it’s equipped with a flash drive and DVD player reading device. You can share the precious moments with you family and friends by printing the photos out at ease.

The best assistant for self-printing

The Libra 220 multi-function self-service machine can deal with the multiple orders simultaneously. While the first customer prints the photos, the second customer's photo editing service can be accepted. It can effectively shorten the waiting time especially when a large number of customers show up in the mean time. The prompt and convenient self-service is the essential assistant for your photo shop without doubt.

Skillful Aesthetics

Thanks to the development of craft aesthetics, the design of the neat appearance is perfectly displayed. The touch screen panel on the top supports multi-touch function along with a 21.5 inch HD display which can bring amazing visual effects and vivid images. On top of that, it can be effortlessly adjusted to provide users the best viewing angle and select the clear picture with a tilt angle of 110 ~180 degree.

The smallest workstation era in history


A single Libra 220 touch-type multi-function self-service machine can link four different HiTi photo printers at the same time to select different print sizes and print items. Then the photo printing can be finished at the similar time points. The rapid and effective scheduling setting and the instant printing service have been fully demonstrated the smallest workstation mode in history. Thus, it’s regarded as the best choice for self-service printing for stores.


Applicable models:X610、M610、P910L、P750L、P720L、P52xL、P530D