Increased Uptime, Decreased Cost


Brand new engine provides outstanding printout

With technology upgrade, M610 provides outstanding printout with consistent print quality.

Front-loading Interface

With front-loading interface, it is flexible to locate the printer at places with no back space needed.

Small, Compact and Light weight

Smart compact size (1.513 square feet) along with easy front-loading mechanism, M610 provides the most convenience to owners when it comes to short run production of customized photo products.

High Speed Printing

Prints 4x6" in 14 seconds (approx. 257 prints per hour).
Prints 6x8" in 23 seconds (approx. 156 prints per hour).

Provide Multiple Print Sizes

Printable Size Corresponding Print Kit
2x6" (51x152 mm), 4x6" (102x152 mm) 4x6"(102x152 mm) Print Kit
4x6" (102x152 mm), 5x7" (127x178 mm), 6x8" (152x203 mm) 6x8" (152x203 mm) Print Kit
2x3" (51x76 mm), 3x4" (76x102 mm) 4x6" (102x152 mm)
Perforated Print Kit
3x8" (76x203 mm) 6x8" (152x203 mm)
Perforated Print Kit


Small investment big profit

Easy to operate: plug and print.
Easy to carry: bring to any event without trouble.

Increasing Uptime

The printer can store remarkable high volume consumables providing a longer running cycle without changing consumables frequently.

New photo paper formula without toluene, eco-friendly.