Increase Profit with Our Fast & Easy Duplex Printer

Single- and double-sided printing in minutes

With a new and revolutionary print engine, P530D is capable of printing both single- and double- sided photos on location. Not only fast and simple, this product also fulfills on-site production of photobooks, greeting cards, calendars, and more. P530D is a fully automatic duplex printer, capable of printing 6x8" (152x203 mm) double-sided prints in minutes.

Supreme print quality

P530D enables owners a wide range of print products to profit from the blooming demand of high-margin photo products. Brilliant color performance optimized the print quality of high resolution digital images, giving a permanent, vivid view for yearbooks, wedding albums, and family photobooks.


Small footprint and easy in-store installation

Smart compact size (1.513 square feet) along with easy front-loading mechanism, P530D provides the most convenience to owners when it comes to short run production of customized photo products.


Support multiple binding options

P530D’s driver supports flexible page settings and provides a variety of binding options.

Free photo book softeware

What’s more, P530D’s bundled software, HiTi PhotoMaster, grants owners an intuitive way to create their own premium photobooks.