X610, High Speed One-Pass Tandem Printer

Ultra-Fast Printing with Proven Efficiency

High Productivity

Time-saving print speed, 1,000 prints in less than 30 minutes (around 1.5 sec per 6x4” print).


ECO Friendly

Dye-sub technology is green to our environment and X610 produces sophisticated quality with long lasting photos.

Panoramic Photos, Up to 56 inches long

Printing photos by X610 provides you varied sizes from 6x4 photos to maximum 6x56 panoramic photos fit for various commercial purposes.

Panoramic Photo, Upto 56 inch long - HiTi X610

No Warm-up Time, Instant Printing

Power on X610 and you can instantly print photos without machine warm-up time .

World-Class Print Quality

New photo paper formula without use of toluene. High quality, low ownership cost, and more eco-friendly. Outstanding print quality without chemical process and maintenance, accurate color reproduction supporting customized ICC profile.

Minimum Ownership Cost

Lowest priced production-class photo printer & dye-sub consumables in the market, small footprint required(W 16.45” x D 28.97”).
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