Pringo P232 Photo Paper (Silver) - 108pcs


Pringo P232 Photo Paper 2x3 inch It needs to be used with Pringo P232 photo printer. Dye Sublimation technology. The cheapest consumables in the market. The exclusive metallic print out which makes the photos look more colorful and vivid.

  • 108pcs 2x3 Photo paper + 3pcs Ribbon (with silver print out)
  • Storage: RH 40 ~ 60 %,temperature 0°~25°,away from dust
  • 24 packs per carton
  • Pack dimension : 124x104x42mm ; Weight : 0.20 kgs
  • Carton dimension : 270x270x256mm ; Weight : 5.07 kgs
Applicable models
Pringo P232