First TÜV Rheinland’s NCC certificate enables HiTi photo printers fun and safe

The advancement and popularization of wireless technology have pushed the continuous growth of a wide variety of wireless products, such as Wi-Fi products, Bluetooth products, ZigBee products, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, various wireless remote controllers and electronics. To ensure public network security and comply with spectrum management principles, countries in the world have established relevant specifications to ensure the stable operation of equipment and reduce interference. In Taiwan the National Communications Commission (NCC) is the competent authority. Before controlled telecommunication radio-frequency devices can be allowed to be sold in Taiwan, they must pass the type approval and examinations conducted by the NCC. Otherwise, they cannot be manufactured in, imported to, sold or openly displayed in Taiwan.

TÜV Rheinland in 2014 passed the audit conducted by Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) to comply with the Low-Power Radio-Frequency Devices Specifications (LP0002) to become an NCC-accredited certification body for controlled telecommunication radio-frequency devices. Therefore, TÜV Rheinland can test and issue the certificate of type approval for low power radio frequency devices in Taiwan to fulfill the demand for wireless telecommunication device manufacturers. Mr. Uwe Halstenbach, Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland Taiwan, issued the first TÜV Rheinland's NCC certificate to HiTi Digital, Inc.

With many years of professional experience in digital image outputs, Hiti Digital launched this Pringo P232 that passed TÜV Rheinland safety and NCC certifications. By connecting the smartphone or tablet to a Wi-Fi network where the Pringo P232 is connected, users can immediately print out the photo they have just taken with the phone or tablet. Because many users can connect to the same Wi-Fi network at the same time, the Pringo P232 is ideal for recording joyous moments in gatherings and parties forever. The Pringo P232 is equipped with the dye-sublimation technology, exclusive photo papers and superpower editing app for users to edit photos and design personalized business cards to show unique characteristics. Therefore, the Pringo P232 provides one of perfect integration between Wi-Fi application and 3C products.

Wi-Fi technology makes 3C products user-friendlier. TÜV Rheinland reminds users that all wireless telecommunication devices must pass the NCC type approval and that distributors must put the examination pass label on the device before sales. NCC- type approved devices represent electromagnetic interference and emission power in line with national standards. The safety certification enables IT products to bring more fun without hazards.

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