2010-02-22HiTi News

Complete Mini Photo Printing Solution from Hiti

Anaheim, Southern California (PMA Booth # 3169) February 22nd, 2010- To fulfill the diversified needs of today photo printing, HiTi is introducing a comprehensive but affordable Mini Photo Printing Solution at the PMA show.

Flexible external devices & complete management system
The HiTi P510K Mini Photo Station that HiTi exhibit this year is an upgraded version of its earlier version. The new version has the additional functions, which is able to precisely manage the front-end operations. The new solution includes external DVD player, instant mode (a feature that allows users to skip some steps and print photos quickly), template import and more solutions, containing the printing job management from the back-end (PC-end) by the PC using software ob Dispatcher and the receipt printer.

External printer connectivity- satisfy the need to print different sizes
For the photo shops that use HiTi P510K and the clients often need to print different sizes of photos, they can use the P510K to connect to the P510S, and put into the two machines with different sizes of consumables. This way, requests made under P510K station can also be printed through its slave machine, HiTi P510S.

About HiTi Digital, Inc.
Founded in January of 2001, HiTi Digital, Inc., or HiTi for short, is a professional provider and manufacturer of quality photographic digital photo products and services. HiTi self-branded products have successfully penetrated the global market including markets in Europe, the U.S., India, Middle East, Asia and others. For the latest updates, please visit www.hiti.com