2010-02-21HiTi News

Hiti Introduces its Mobile Photo Printing Solution at PMA 2010

Mobile Photo Printing- where future photo printing opportunities lie

HiTi Digital, Inc., the professional manufacturer and supplier of digital photo products and services, displayed its latest products at PMA 2010 (Hall B. Booth #3169) on Feb. 21st 2010. Designed to fit today highly diversified photo demands, HiTi demonstrated its newest ortable photo printer?for mobile photo finishing satisfaction and additions of extraordinary photo printing solutions to satisfy the requests from more photo printing users.

Future opportunities lie within mobile photo printing
HiTi P110S, the latest professional portable photo printer, can satisfy your needs for instant photo printingneeds, it is a convenient machine in preserving the most cherished memories. P110S compact size and carrying bag allow users to easily carry the device around while traveling. It frees users hands to take photos and to make deal with others. With the chargeable PB-110 battery, HiTi P110S can also print when moving, and its high mobility will not let users miss any chance of printing opportunities.

Additional functions for HiTi P510K All-in-One Mini Photo Station
1. Flexible external devices & complete management system HiTi also introduces a complete system of Kiosk solution at the PMA show. The HiTi P510K Mini Photo Kiosk which exhibits this year is an upgraded version of its earlier version. The new version has the additional functions, which is able to precisely manage the front-end operations. The new solution includes external DVD player, instant mode (a feature that allows users to skip some steps and print photos quickly), template import and more payment solutions, containing the printing job management from the back-end (PC-end) by the PC using software ob Dispatcher?and the receipt printer.

2. External printer connectivity- satisfy the need to print different sizes For the users that use HiTi P510K and the clients often need to print different sizes of photos, they can use the P510K to connect to the P510S, and put into the two machines with different sizes of consumables. This way, requests made under P510K station can also be printed through its slave machine, HiTi P510S.

No memory cards and USB cables - HiTi Direct Wireless Printing Solution
In addition to the above products, visitors can also experience the HiTi wireless photo printing at HiTi booth. Through a digital camera Pictbridge compatible device - WFT510 wireless photo transmitter, users can send photos wirelessly to HiTi P510Si photo printer for instant printing. This wireless photo transmitter can also send images from the digital camera to the PC / laptop wirelessly for editing before printing.

As a professional digital photo products and services supplier, HiTi understands the core value of a product Simple Workflow, High Performance, and Affordable Price. HiTi wishes to introduce our quality products and sophisticated solutions to more North and South America photo demand by taking part in PMA 2010.

About HiTi Digital, Inc.
Founded in January of 2001, HiTi Digital, Inc., or HiTi for short, is a professional provider and manufacturer of quality photographic digital photo products and services. HiTi self-branded products have successfully penetrated the global market including markets in Europe, the U.S., India, Middle East, Asia and others. For the latest updates, please visit www.hiti.com