2009-02-16HiTi News

HiTi P510K Mini Photo Station Provides the Most Affordable and Smallest Photo Printing Solution in the Market

Taipei, Taiwan (February 16th, 2009) -- HiTi Digital, Inc., the professional manufacturer and supplier of digital photo products and services, is proud to announce the launch of HiTi P510K, the smallest integrated 6-inch Roll-Type Photo Station. This photo station gives you the All-in-One solution and runs with low operational cost, providing a perfect photofinishing station that you can possible get in the market.

Designed as a mini photo station with less than 20kg, HiTi P510K is integrated with 10.2-inch TFT LCD touch screen tilt-able, industrial computer system, multiple media card slots, 6-inch roll-type printer, user-friendly workflow menu as well as powerful backstage management system to be designed within one product. Utilizing a graphic user interface on a 10.2-inch TFT LCD touch screen, it is very easy to operate the P510K. With less clicks and intuitive user-interface design, printing a photo can be a much easier, faster and fun experience.

HiTi P510K Photo Station offers users the versatility of printing layout to satisfy requests for different digital imaging service, including standard photos, passport/ID photos, e-frame photos, collage photos and photo index. It also delivers industry-leading performance and consumes less power. The total power consumption of HiTi P510K is about 350W, and it runs at less than 40W in as printer is idling. Furthermore, the powerful back end administration system allows users to maintain their photofinishing without hassle. Through the well-established system, the owners can easily set up the default and administration authority, providing a more complete service to themselves.

HiTi P510K provides various payment solutions for users to manage their prints. The 5 feet solution is designed for the environment which the photo station and the photo counter are relatively close to each other. The Long distance solution is for the environment which the photo station and the counter are relatively far from each other. In addition.

HiTi P510K provides the world smallest 6-inch roll-type dye sublimation photo station in the market which is perfect for any places. HiTi P510K is running with low operational cost that can quickly turn your investment into valuable margins.

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