HiTi kicks off the use of new company name and brand logo

Taipei, Taiwan (Dec. 13, 2007) -- To realize the company fulfillment of providing total digital photo solutions and the establishment of its brand positioning in the global market, Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies has announced that it is changing its company name to HiTi Digital, Inc. and brand logo effective December of 2007. This move is in line with HiTi determination to expand its ambitions to the global marketplace and accomplish its pursuit of excellence.

The original HiTi brand and logo were used since the company inception in the year 2001. Focusing on digital dye sublimation printing technology, Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies succeeded in the research and development of high quality digital photo printers, digital card printers, and related consumables and accessories. Through its brand iTi? the company effectively penetrated global markets including Europe, the U.S., India, Middle East, Asia and many others. HiTi digital dye-sublimation photo printers were the recipients of 6 DIMA awards in a short span of 4 years, from 2002 to 2006. For 3 consecutive years, HiTi won the DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Award in "Dye sublimation 4-by-6-inch category", demonstrating the brand capability as a worldwide imaging technology leader.

Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies realigned its branding strategy at the start of 2007 and defined the phase as  sprint-to-digital era? The company continues to focus on its core in the field of dye sublimation along with the launch of newer, more advanced and complete hard copy formats systems and dedicated photo printing hardware. It also extends its offering of cost-efficient, soft copy photo viewing devices, including the viewing, storing and sharing of digital imagery to provide consumers with perfect total digital photo solution products and services.

The all new HiTi vivid orange colored logo, in subtle, down-to-earth gray tones will continue to embody HiTi Digital dedication to innovation, flexibility, unrivaled quality and meticulous attention to details, and will be applied in all the company products, media and production items. With a more sophisticated, lively, versatile and ground-breaking approach, HiTi Digital will persist in providing consumers with even more outstanding quality and services.

Original HiTi Brand Logo

New HiTi Brand Logo

About HiTi Digital, Inc.
Founded in January of 2001, HiTi Digital, Inc., or HiTi for short, is a professional provider and manufacturer of quality photographic digital photo products and services. HiTi self-branded products have successfully penetrated the global market including markets in Europe, the U.S., India, Middle East, Asia and others. For the latest updates, please visit http://www.hitidigital.com