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HiTi K65 High-Definition Digital Photo Frame
A viewing pleasure, a feast for the senses and the ultimate in lifestyle sharing and experience

Nothing delivers more fun and excitement than displaying a stylish digital photo frame at your living room, where you can share memorable photos with your friends and your loved ones. Most picture frames with good resolutions offer great viewing pleasure but HiTi K65 remarkable high definition digital photo frame delivers high performance picture clarity , brilliance and vividness, capturing the treasured moments that relive happy, touching memories. Truly a breathtaking sight!

Following its success in the dye sublimation technology, Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies proceeded to establish a brand positioning in the global market. Having held an accurate grasp on the trend of the digital imaging market, the company introduced its HiTi K65 high definition digital photo frame in the third quarter of 2007 to fulfill the demands for quality, vibrant digital image displays. HiTi K65 high definition digital photo frame has a LCD monitor with a screen resolution of 800x480 pixels, currently the highest in the market, and a 4x6 inch photo frame, which provides for bright, sharp, detailed, well-exposed very lifelike picture images with smooth curves, rich color depths and absolutely no distortions. Included with a USB connector, you can easily connect HiTi K65 to HiTi dye-sub photo printer*, print the images you want to share with more friends and get superb photographic lab long-lasting quality prints.

HiTi K65 comes in with a 32MB built-in memory capable of storing up to 300 digital photos, each with a display resolution of 726x480 pixels, a power supply of 1500 mA lithium ion batteries for 1 hour of playback time, and supports CF, SD, MS, MS Pro, XD memory cards. Indeed, HiTi K65 is stylish, convenient, and easy to use with absolutely no complication in operation.

HiTi K65 sleek, fashionable precision-cut crystal brilliant color frames are a true standout**. Regardless of whether they are displayed in a home living room, the frames exude a novel appearance and a luxurious feel.

For more on purchasing information and details, please visit our website at www.hitouchimaging.com

. * Choose HiTi compact standalone photo printer
** Digital photo frames are available in pearl white/pearl burgundy and silver gray. The choice of frame color varies by region.

About Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies
Founded in January of 2001, Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies, or HiTi for short, is a professional provider and manufacturer of quality photographic digital imaging products and services. HiTi self-branded products have successfully penetrated the global market including markets in Europe, the U.S., India, Middle East, Asia and others. For the latest updates, please visit http://www.hi-ti.com