2007-06-15HiTi News

Work Right Alongside Pros' Vision

Los Angeles, CA .- Congratulations to HiTi S400 has been selected by PC Photo Magazine as 10 Awesome Photo Printers and recognized for its uncompromising print quality.

This publication is aimed for both professional and amateur photographers in digital photography. With in-depth extensive tests on technical products, HiTi printer once again among the competitors and listed as 10 Awesome Photo Printers.

'' Great color depth and sharpness are two of the qualities the HiTi S400 is known for. This unique printer from Hi-Touch Imaging turns out top-quality prints up to 4x6 inches, and you don need a computer. The memory card slot for direct printing accommodates most current flash memory cards. A handheld color LCD for viewing images has a selection of image-editing and color-turning menus.? - PC Photo Magazine

Quality prints made the HiTi S400 an easy choice to include in the list of this year Top 10 awesome printers. With resolution of 403 dpi in continue tones plus the unique image optimization function, it produces rich, professional-looking photos in size up to 4x6 inch.
More information about the HiTi S400 is available at www.hi-ti.com