• HiTi introduced P310W/Prinhome photo printer to focus on the consumer market
  • HiTi Pringo P232 and P310W/Prinhome were honored with the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • HiTi introduced Pringo P232 portable photo printer
  • HiTi Pringo P231 was honored with the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • HiTi debuted online HiTi Shop, Prinfan cloud website and mobile applications – Pringo, Likoda, Prinbiz
  • HiTi was selected by the New Taipei City Government as a Representative of Innovative Company for the ICT industry
  • Innovative Product 100 Award by the ROC Information Month Committee
  • HiTi introduced CS-200e card printer
  • HiTi CS-200e and Likoda Photo Kiosk Printing Service were honored with the 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • HiTi launched Likoda Photo Kiosk Printing Service in Taiwan
  • HiTi started manufacturing self-developed consumables
  • HiTi P510K was awarded with TIPA 2010 for Best Photo Kiosk
  • HiTi introduced new roll-type photo printer P720L
  • HiTi was awarded with the “2009 Taiwan Superior Brands” by TAITRA
  • HiTi P510S, P510K and P110S were honored with the 2009 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • HiTi P110S was honored with the 2009 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Award
  • HiTi WFT510 was honored with the 2009 DIMA Innovative Digital Product Award
  • HiTi S420, CS-320 and CS-360i were honored with the 2008 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • HiTi held its IPO in the Taiwan Stock Market on December 13th 2007
  • Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies adopted its new corporate name as HiTi Digital Incorporation
  • HiTi was selected as “Patent 100” by Business Weekly Magazine
  • HiTi launched its first color card printer- CS-300
  • HiTi was selected for Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Taiwan
  • HiTi S400 and 640Amphi were honored with the 2006 DIMA Printer Shoot-Out Award and Innovative Digital Product Award
  • HiTi 730PS and 641PS were honored with the 2005 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Award
  • HiTi was honored with the Outstanding Photonics Product Award
  • HiTi 730PL/PS and Transphotable printers were honored with the 2004 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • HiTi 640PS was honored with the 2004 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Award
  • HiTi 630PS, Photo Shuttle, 640PS and 640DL were honored with the 2003 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • HiTi launched the world’s fastest photo printer, Photo Shuttle
  • HiTi 630PL/PS were honored with the DIMA 2002 Innovative Digital Product Award
  • HiTi established its European and US subsidiaries
  • HiTi unveiled 630PL/PS as its first generation photo printer
  • Hi-Touch Imaging Technologies (HiTi) established its Taiwan headquarters, and manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, China