HiTi Digital, Inc. (hereinafter “HiTi” or “We”) and its affiliates (hereinafter collectively, the “Company”) respect and are dedicated to the protection of your privacy and personal information. You may freely view HiTi's website without disclosing any personal data related to you. If you send any personal data due to the use of our services, other than maintaining a continuous relationship with you and HiTi, we guarantee that your personal data will not be used elsewhere outside the HiTi Company. HiTi provides content related to online privacy to help you understand how we obtain, use and protect your personal data and data when you use our website. We hope to help you understand such content that relates your interest. We hope that you take a few minutes to read the following.


Personal Data

Under general situations, when you visit and view the HiTi website, you do not need to log in, nor do you need to provide any personal data to HiTi. However, under the following circumstances, such as when you use our product related services and information, we will ask you to provide with your necessary and relevant personal information.


You agree that HiTi and its affiliates may collect, process, use or internationally transmit the relevant personal data that you have provided as a member during the period of your membership under internal and external relationship in the operation of HiTi's relevant business, marketing management, point exchange, cloud photo album and daily management, subject to our compliance and consistency with the applicable provisions of the Personal data Protection Act. You have clearly understood and are aware that you have the right to consult personal data as a member and to request to review the information, receive photocopies, supplement or correct the information, stop the collection, processing and use of information and the deletion of information. You also guarantee that you shall comply with the provisions of the Personal data Protection Act of the Republic of China during the period of your membership. If any other person suffers any loss due to any violation of the rules, you shall bear the liability of compensation and shall compensate the losses that we have suffered.



The personal data that we ask you to provide includes but not limited to your name, email account, address, date of birth, gender, telephone number, your registered account or passcode, your GPS position, and other relevant information required for registration or for the use of our product, such as IP address, country, purchase record, printing record, exchange record, and photo backup. If you choose to provide us with relevant personal information, such information will only be used to support the services that you require and for the purpose of problem solving. If you send us a letter advising us that, after the services you need are provided to you, you do not wish for us to utilize such information to engage in further information exchange with you in the future, we will respect your request. Before you go further and provide relevant personal data to us, HiTi would like you to understand how we use personal information.



Non-Personal Data?

This privacy right includes personal data and non-personal information. Non-personal data n refers to information that is not related to personal identity and that is related to Internet use and operation of relevant services. HiTi may collect and analyze users’ non-personal data to understand the use of HiTi website by Internet users. The web page of HiTi website may use cookies etc., to record relevant information such as the viewing of the website. However, we will only record or provide personally related information if the consumer logs into the personal services on our website. What is worth mentioning is that HiTi may place our advertisements on other websites. Such websites may use cookies to record consumer related information. Please exercise due care.


How HiTi Uses Your PersonalData ?

We may use your personal data to complete the required services and purposes, such as carrying out your purchase order transaction, managing your account, delivering the services and products you need, answering your questions or even when you ask us to help verify information about your personal identity.


You understand that, when you provide such necessary information to us, it means that you agree that HiTi may collect, process, use or internationally transmit your information in accordance with this online privacy statement and the provisions for the protection of personal information. However, you can also contact us at any time to update or remove your personal data from the contents that we maintain. You have the right to consult your personal data and to request to review the information, receive photocopies, supplement or correct the information, stop the collection, processing and use of information and the deletion of information.



Purpose of Collection:
The purpose of your personal data collection is to conduct customer management, member management marketing, and internal statistical analysis. The method of collection is to collect personal data by joining our membership or inputting your information when conducting an purchase order.


Types of personal data collected:
Based on the service content of this website, we will ask our users to provide necessary information including personal ID number, date of birth, name, contact number, contact address, user name, email address, product distribution information (including recipient’s name, recipient's contact number, and recipient's contact address), etc (Details of specific items will be listed on the retention information page).


At the same time, we will ask you to provide other information for necessary operations based on notifications of customer rights, market analysis, or providing other services derived from this site or derived from these services.



During the use of personal data:
The duration of the specific purpose for which personal data was collected is determined by relevant laws and regulations (for example, commercial accounting laws, etc.) or the period of preservation required by the execution of the business or the preservation of the data according to individual contracts (whichever is the longest). Otherwise, we will delete or stop processing or use of the personal data on our own initiative or at your request when the specific purpose of collecting your personal data disappears.


Areas of use of personal data:
Locations of recipients of domestic and overseas branches and internationally transmitted personal data. Domestic and overseas branches, and location of recipients of internationally transmitted personal data.


The use of personal data with:
"HiTi" and its affiliates.
Subjects that you have agreed to (such as companies that co-markets or interacts customer data with “HiTi”, and companies that cooperates promotion business with “HiTi”, etc.)


Way to use personal data:
Comply with relevant laws and regulations concerning the protection of personal data for automated or other non-automated means of use.


Accurate personal data guarantee
In order to be able to use this site, you are required to provide your own correct, true and complete personal data and set a password to complete the membership registration. Once you have certified your registration, you can use this site and related services. We reminds you that if you do not provide complete personal information, you may not be able to become a member of this site, or enjoy the corresponding services or the latest information; if you provide the wrong information, you will not be protected by this statement.


The usage, storage and storage method of personal data
The names, identification numbers, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, residential addresses, and other personal data collected by us on the website, unless otherwise required by law or with your consent, are only for the use of specific purposes(including the use of this website, participation on activities such as marketing activities or market surveys on this website, etc.), and are properly managed and used within the necessary scope, and the aforementioned personal data will not be used for other purposes.


We will, in accordance with the law, be responsible for regulating the confidentiality of the aforementioned personal data and will never disclose any personal data of individual applicants or respondents. Your personal data is kept strictly in our database system. At the same time, any person must obtain and use the data under the data authorization management specifications we have set up. Any person who is not within the scope of authorization must and will not obtain information through the authorized control system.



When this site is to cooperate with other third parties in order to provide other services or preferential programs, this site will provide information during the event and this website will not provide your information to any third parties until we have obtained your consent, without your consent, you will also not be able to use related services or discount programs.



Policy for sharing personal data with third parties on this site
This website will never sell, exchange, rent or otherwise expose the customer's personal data to other groups or individuals. Except for the three scenarios below, which this website will share your personal data with third parties:


  • With your prior consent or authorization permits.
  • When judicial units or competent authority request through formal procedures.
  • In order to provide you with other services or benefits that requires us to share your information with a third person who provides the service or offer. This site will provide sufficient instructions and inform you at the time of the event, and you are free to choose whether or not to accept this service.


Self-protecting measures
Please protect your user name, password, and/or any personal data properly, and do not provide any personal data, especially passwords, to others. After you finished using the various service provided by this website, be sure to log out of your account. If you share computers with others or use public computers, remember to close browser windows to prevent others from reading your personal information.


Collection of other information
In addition to your personal data, based on the risk control management, we will retain relevant records generated by the server or user equipment when you visit or query this website, including but not limited to the equipment you use to connect to this website's IP address, device information, usage time, browser used, and browsing and data records. Please note that other sites linked to this site may also collect your personal data. The personal data provided by you on the above-mentioned websites will be collected, used and processed in accordance with the relevant laws and the privacy protection policies disclosed on each of the websites. We will not hold joint responsibilities when the privacy protection policies of this website are not applicable.




Changes to this privacy and personal data protection policy
We will modify the privacy rights and personal data protection policies provided on this website at any time depending on the actual needs and regulations in order to ensure the protection of the privacy rights of customers. When this privacy protection policy is revised, you will be reminded. It is recommended that you revisit our privacy policy page review its changes when you revisit.