What can I do to adjust the color to my desire setting?

The color matching is always a big and important lesson for all HiTi lovers, theoretically you will have to use a color meter to detect the correct color, also a monitor calibrator to correct the display color. The easiest way we suggest user to adjust color is to make your printout closer to screen, or conversely make your screen closer to printout. 

1. Ways to adjust the printout closer to your screen.

2. Select different color profile provided by HiTi. Go to "Printer/fax"/ "Preference setting"/ "Color", select different color profiles, then process a print through your conventional software. Do the comparison and see if it meets the standard.

 1) HiTi classic (HiTi standard color profile)

 2) Window color management (Windows embedded color profile)

 3) Do not apply color management (for 3rd-party software which applies color profile always, i.e. PhotoShop)