Prinbiz App

Secure, wireless, mobile solution for HiTi photo printers!

  • Secure WiFi connection.

  • Glossy and matte surface options.

  • Supports printer firmware update.

Supports HiTi photo printers P52XL, P750L, P530D, P310W, P320W, P322W, P461.

Supports Ad-hoc Mode and Infra Mode.

Supports multiple photo sources ( smartphone camera, smartphone album, memory card ) .

Supports ID photo printing and editing (biometric lines, filters and color adjustments).
Filters, color, contrast, and brightness adjustments for every style.

Customized frames and collages just for Prinhome.

Supports multiple photo selection.
Prinbiz allows you to add custom borders into the app by following the simple rules and formats below. Then place your border files inside an SD card connected to the printer, and access them via Prinbiz App.