x610 Print Kit


The X610 HiTi Print Kit contains one of each Y/M/C/O mono color ribbon, and two 6” paper roll per carton, suitable for ultra-fast & panoramic photo printing. The new series of photographic papers consist of a new formulation that does not contain toluene, meeting the green environmental and eco-friendly standards, at the same time, providing high quality printouts with low ownership cost.


Print Kit MSRP : USD$ 150 (4x6": 2000 prints)

  • 6" (152mm) Roller Paper x 2 (each roll can print 1,000 4x6 prints)
  • Y/M/C/O Mono Color Ribbon x 1 each (each color ribbon can print 2,000 4x6 prints)
  • Print Size : 6x4" (152x102mm) ~ 6x56" (152x1422mm)
  • •Suggested storage environment:RH40 ~ 60 %, room temperature above 5°C and below 30°C, and keep sunshine and dust away
  • Carton Dimension : 424x220x252 mm ; Weight : 11.5 kg
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