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HiTi Innovation: Studio-on-the-go

HiTi continuously makes efforts in developing the all-new Studio-on-the-go product with easy-carry appeal, allowing users to bring their photofinishing anywhere.

Light-weight 6-inch Roll-type Digital MobileStudio

Designed as an easily movable roll-type printer and weighing only 13.6kg, the P510S brings the flexibility to do on-location photo finishing.

Standalone Capability and User-Friendly Workflow

Utilizing a graphic user interface on a 3.6-inch LCD, it is very easy to operate HiTi P510S printer without the need of a computer. With less clicks and intuitive user-interface design, printing a photo can be a much easier and faster experience.

Customized Photo E-frame

HiTi P510S enables users freely to add customized photo- e-frame from the backstage system to provide value-added holiday or event prints anywhere.

Useful Storage Design

With a built-in storage device, P510S is able to store several photo e-frame and ID formats to satisfy varied printing needs.

Printer Connectivity

Through an USB cable, HiTi P510S can be connected to HiTi P510K Mini Photo Station and as its slave printer. This function can be enabled simply by setting up the backstage system, and users are able to print photo in various sizes without constantly changing the consumables. Extending your photo printing experience more flexible and comprehensive is powered by the solution.

Practical Software

P510S provides varied professional image software for all your needs, making good use of passport/ID photos and e-frame photo printing.

Prime Quality in Matte Finish*

Apart from glossy photos, HiTi P510S is capable of matte finish. No media change required!

* For current HiTi 5 series' users, the latest firmware and driver should be updated to the printer before starting.

Varied Printing Formats in 1 Machine**

HiTi P510S offers users the versatility to print various photo sizes, including 4"x6, 4"x6:-2UP, 5"x7, 5"x7:-2UP, 6x8, 6"x9, and 6"x9-2UP. **

** 2UP function should be operated from printer driver by PC or notebook.

World Leading Output Quality

The exclusive HiTi Color technology and 10-bit Color Engine create vibrant colors as well as natural and continuous tones, offering both professionals and amateurs the best color output quality.

Easy Replacement of Consumables

The front loading design of the HiTi P510S printer allows for easy access to the ribbon and paper roll resulting in easy and efficient maintenance procedures.

Lower Power Consumption

HiTi P510S photo printer delivers industry-leading performance and consumes less power. The total power consumption of HiTi P510S is about 300W, and less than 20W as printer is idling.

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